Yesterday at GK Sports Pub we watched an exciting football match, The Spanish Supercup. Real Madrid wearing a slightly weird outfit for marketing issues, was unbeatable even for one of the most accredited opponents, Barcelona. Still in August and after the Miami Show, it was time for a more serious game with a title at stake.

In the first half, none of them particularly dominated the match, there was tension between Casemiro and Messi; Deulofeu could not replace Neymar, the Brazilian had a great debut with PSG with a great assistance and a goal. Surprisingly, Kovacic defended well against Messi and Real Madrid worked well with the formula of the four midfielders. Bale and Benzema are following the same line than last year, without standing out and raising the criticism, meanwhile, Isco and Asensio are consolidated as real cracks.

We were not expecting such an exciting second half. Pique, scored in his own goal, this revolutionized the game. Barcelona increased the pressure with a very good play from Dennis. The match went crazy due to the questionable performance of the referee, who was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the match. Suarez cheated with a fall in the area in minute 77 and Messi was able to tie the match.

The “white team” reacted and Cristiano scored an amazing goal. He took off his shirt to celebrate the goal and the referee waved him a yellow card. Five minutes later after “fight” a ball in the area with Umtiti, the referee showed him the second yellow card for simulating a fall. So, he was expelled out of the match. After that, we all saw the small push from Ronaldo to the referee due to the impotence of the Portuguese who has been sanctioned with five matches.

Real Madrid stayed with 10 players and continued pushing, Zidane´s changes of the second half were right. Cristiano scored a goal and Lucas Vaquez assisted Asensio to score the 1-3, to increase his legend. Asensio has scored in all the competitions that he has debuted with Real Madrid.


GK Conclusion:

Real Madrid even with 10 players was able to dominate in Camp Nou, so It was a big step to get the second title of the season. In addition, the second part of the match was spectacular with 4 goals, two of them amazing.

Does Barcelona need more signings after the exit of Neymar and the rupture of the MSN? Can Deulofeu support the pressure of having to supply the Brazilian?

About the refereeing, was it fair the expulsion & sanction of Cristiano Ronaldo and the penalty in favor of Barcelona?

Can Barcelona achieve an epic comeback at Santiago Bernabeu without Neymar and a new coach?


We would like to know your opinion about the first official “el Clasico” of the season. Join us at GK Sports Pub for the second round of the final on Wednesday 16th August at 23:00. Do not miss it.


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