Gk Sports Pub together with Desperados will bring you a special night to party better, party different.

Many surprises are awaiting you on Friday evening. Come, make your order and get a Desperado gift card. Scratch it and get your present.

Desperados is the world’s first tequila flavoured beer. Created in France in 1995 by innovative brewers. It has pioneered the “beer+” category, attracting young adults bored by other lagers and beers. Today, It continues to push boundaries, bend the rules and celebrate those who embrace their inner tequila and dial up the daring. They are not a passive brand, and want to kick-start culture and move the world forward creatively. Party is their playground; not party as a one-time event but as a state of being: a party can happen anytime, anywhere, it just needs someone with the right attitude to kick things off. Desperados is on hand to enhance the party spirit, spicing things up with the daring edge its hint of tequila brings.

Honestly, Gk experience will be even better with Desperados. Don´t miss it.

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