Top 10 football players ranking 2017

Half of the year has already passed us by and many things have happened in the football world. Real Madrid did the double, winning the League and the Champions League; Germany has ruled in Europe with the Under 21 team, also internationally in the Confederations Cup. Now is the time of signings with names of stars sounding around, as the cases of Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappe, Verrati …

Bleacherreport set up a ranking of the best football players with chances to get the Balon d´Or award. It is based on the national leagues, national teams and the reputation of the football players. They also took into account that the Ballon d´Or is partially a prestige contest. In addition, they have also considered the statistics of previous years, in 2016 only six defenders and three goalkeepers were selected.

Will the Spanish League with Ronaldo, Messi, and Griezman continue at the top of Europe? or, Will other leagues such as Bundesliga or Premier League and their respective players be more successful?


Balon d´Or ranking Grill Kebab Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus.



 GK Sports bar brings you the top 10 football players of the year:


Nº10 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Borussia Dortmund

Aubameyang has had a constant struggle with Lewandowski for being the top scorer of Bundesliga. The last day of the German League the Frenchman got the award. The remarkable figure of 31 goals this season places him as the second top scorer in the history of Dortmund in a season.


Nº9 Antoine Griezmann, Atletico de Madrid

It is one of the most sound names in the market of signings when Spanish League finished. Manchester United was very interested in hiring his services, although we can say that he will remain a football player of Atletico de Madrid.

We expected him to have more protagonism in the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals of Champions League. Thus, It is why he has fallen in the ranking.


Nº8 Paulo Dybala, Juventus

The season for Dybala has been spectacular, he is a team player who makes his teammates better. His performance in Champions League Quarter-final with two impressive goals against Barcelona made all the media praise him.

We awaited more from him in the Champions League final, even though the young Argentinian could be affected by the pressure of the occasion.


Nº7 Luís Suarez, Barcelona

Five goals in the last five league matches define the good form with which the Uruguayan has finished the season, he did his best to reach Real Madrid in the fight for the Spanish League title.

Only Messi has managed to overcome the 22 goals scored by Luís Suarez this year in Spain.


Nº 6 Gonzalo Higuain, Juventus

He is a player that has many detractors, especially Italian Naples fans. In Napoles is considered disrespectful the transfer to Juventus. Despite everything, We cannot deny that Higuain appears when nobody expects it with his quality and predatory instinct.

He has scored 24 goals this season for his team to get the League, the Italian National Cup and to reach the Champions League final.


No. 5 Rober Lewandowski, Bayern Munich

He is a player who scores on average 20 goals per season, in particular, he has scored 23 goals this season that has helped Bayern Munich to win the German League and he has been chosen by his fellows best player of the Bundesliga.

Regarding the national team, he leads the UEFA scorer list alongside Cristiano Ronaldo with 11 goals. Also, is worth mentioning the hat-trick against Romania to ensure Poland’s qualification for the next World Cup.


Nº4 Neymar, Barcelona

The statistics do not play in his favor, but his performances this season have been spectacular, especially in the epic comeback against PSG in the Champions League Quarterfinals.

He is not in the top positions of the ranking because he was not able to do something similar against Juventus in the Champions League Semifinals and he missed the last match against Real Madrid as a consequence of sanction. The moments of inactivity is what separates the Brazilian from the protagonists of the top 3.


Nº 3 Kylian Mbappe, Monaco

Third football player Grill Kebab Sports Bar Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus



Currently, he is one of the most sought after players by the best European clubs, his development during the year has been a great surprise for everybody. Its market value is at £ 100 million.

He destroyed the Dortmund defense in the Champions League semifinals and was the first player to score a goal to Gianluigi Buffon this season in Champions League.

His performance has triggered the call for the French team and has helped him to get the first league title in his career with Monaco.


Nº2 Lionell Messi, Barcelona

Second football player Grill kebab Sports Bar Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus



This year was not the best for Barcelona, they were three points behind Real Madrid in the fight for the League. The team was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Juventus in Champions League. Moreover, they won the National Cup, a title that does not compensate a disappointing season.

Messi did his best to push Barcelona to the top by scoring 28 goals in the 2017 Spanish League. Also, scoring in the final moments of “the classic” to get the victory in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. In addition, is important to remember the five goals achieved to get the National Cup.

The problem is that his team has not gone anywhere in Champions League and this is a key issue. Playing against Juventus in Quarter Finals Messi had some very good moments but the team failed to score in 180 minutes.


Nº1 Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid

First football player Grill Kebab Sport Bar Marbella, San Pedro, Puerto Banus



Taking into consideration the last five years tender,  the Ballon d´Or is a competition between Ronaldo and Messi and the winner of the award was always the football player of the team that got the Champions League title that year. Hence is why Cristiano Ronaldo is in the first place in the ranking for the Ballon d´Or.

The Portuguese was crucial for Real Madrid to win the Champions League. He scored a double in the final against Juventus; a hat-trick in the semi-finals against Atletico de Madrid; and another hat-trick against Bayern Munich in quarterfinals. His great performances in major matches have consolidated him as the top scorer in the Champions League with 12 goals.

In addition, he has helped Portugal with two goals to obtain the third place in the Confederations Cup. He is currently in the second position of the top European top scorers in history with 75 goals. Ronaldo also scored two goals with Portugal to help his national team to achieve the third place in the Confederations Cup in Russia.

To sum it up, his effort, attitude and great goals achieved in the most important matches this season put him in the first position to get the Ballon d´Or.


Do you agree with the ranking? Would you add another football player to the list? We are interested in knowing your opinion, so leave us a comment and let us know your thinking 🙂


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